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This Little Piggy…

What would you literally chop off your pinky toe for? I found myself stumped by this question. As days passed it would jump in and out of consciousness,  I would encounter things I desired with a new perspective, asking myself daily,“would I lose a toe for that?”

Would You Be Fine With Nine?

(Courtesy of SoulPancake pg.98)

I admit my initial thoughts were pretty shallow. I confessed to my housemates that I’d cut off my pinky toe to have Giselle Bundchen‘s life. You know, be an international supermodel, the wife of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady, a new mother, and having a enough money to do what I want when I want, basically a flawless life by my standards.

This pipedream was foiled when one of my roommates informed me that you need BOTH outer toes to walk properly and balance yourself, so even if I was Giselle 2.0, I’d be useless on a runway with only nine toes, losing my fame, fortune, and football stud.

Moving on…

1. Balenciaga Suede City Bag in Military Green

I love fashion blogs, the general idea of adoring beautiful things (although I’ll never be able to afford them) and others expression of personal style entertains me. I came across this beautiful Balenciaga bag in my favorite color posted on The Blonde Salad. I love everything about this bag; I love that I could fit everything I own in it, I love that it matches my eyes, I love that becuase it is suede I can’t wear it in the rain, while drinking, or near a pool, and I love that it costs 774 Dunkin Donuts medium iced coffees.

Speaking of iced coffee…

2. Unlimited Dunkin’ Donuts

Some would say I have a coffee problem. The word addiction may be too harsh, I like to think of it as a strong, life-altering appreciation. For more details see Trivial Pursuits.

3. A Real Proposal from Ryan Reynolds

Once my Giselle dream was shattered I had to reevaluate my fantasy future husband. I would give my pinky toe for a real proposal from Ryan Reynolds. Have you seen The Proposal? I’d go 9 toe for that (on one knee, with a BIG Tiffany’s princess-cut diamond ring). He is handsome, hilarious, sweet, successful, and just a hollywood dream boat. Hubba hubba.

Sooooo after working on this post for about a month I could only come up with 3 things! At first I thought I failed, but I think this just shows that I’m pretty content, and I’m cool with that.

Try to come up with 5 things that you’d sacrifice a toe for!

PLEASE comment below, I’m looking forward to reading them =)


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Urge To Purge

Confession: I get anxiety when my things aren’t in order.

I can’t do work in my room if there is laundry on the floor.

I hate to cook in my kitchen if there are crumbs on the counter/dirty dishes in the sink.

I can’t go through my inbox if there are more than 20 items lined up.

I hate playing Tetris with everything in the fridge just to find the milk.

And I most certainly can’t create enlightening bits of brilliance for KarmaWaffle at my desk if there are papers strewn about.

Sidenote: While writing this I’m sharing a table in the library with 5 other people and I have an overwhelming urge to put all their papers in stacks, line up all of the laptop cords, and set our chairs equidistantly, but I digress…

I was happy to see that SoulPancake had this Urge To Purge challenge (pg.97).

Your Mission:
Get rid of something ( or a stack of somethings) that you
should have thrown out a long time ago.
Repeat as necessary.

What is great about this challenge is that it’s about detachment, not letting things build up, releasing our connection to possessions.This concept brings me back to the philosophy of Tyler Durden. Here I am again, looking to fictional characters for life guidance, I should really read more.

“The things you own end up owning you,” well said Tyler.

My things just end up owning that space underneath my bed, or the back right corner of my closet, or the back seat of my car, but you get the point. Although I keep my things in a deliberate,organized chaos, my mother has always referred to my living space as a (surprise) pig sty.

So let go with me, and purge, purge, purge!

I promised an update, so here it is. A friend of mine (with a admirable t-shirt collection) did a long overdue closet purge. She was kind enough to share her progress…

Great work (and don’t think I didn’t notice those t-shirts are now stacked by color)! Thanks for the help, purge on.


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What is Your Weird?

rit·u·al [rich-oo-uhl] –noun

1. any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner, religious or otherwise
2. a prescribed codes of behavior regulating social conduct, as exemplified by the raising of one’s hat or the shaking of hands in greeting.
3. Psychiatry. a specific act, as hand-washing, performed repetitively to a pathological degree, occurring as a common symptom of obsessive-compulsive neurosis.
(courtesy of:

SoulPancake asks us…

List 3 of your rituals that set you apart from the rest.

When I saw this question I thought back to an old Sex and The City episode, where Carrie realizes she has certain rituals she feels uncomfortable performing in front of her boyfriend who had recently moved in. She dubs these, “secret single behaviors,” and investigates. Listen to what she finds…

Moral: It’s weird, but it feels great!

After some thought these are some of my ritual behaviors:

1. Whenever  I go into a bathroom  I always lock the door.

1b. If that bathroom has a shower, I always look behind the curtain.

2. I only eat food at their proper temperatures: Cold pizza? Warm milk? I’ll pass.

3. I paint my nails constantly, and as soon as there is a chip I have to chip off all the polish on that nail, and then all the polish on that hand.

See? 3 down, 7 to go.

I showed you my “weird,” now show me yours…

What are your rituals?

Yours in waffles,


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