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Playlist For People-Watching

Bob Marley once said,

“One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.”

SoulPancake (pg.12) asks us to…

Step 1: Go to a crowded public place

Step 2: Put on your headphone. Hit play.

Step 3: Sit back, watch the world — and the souls you share it with — go by.

So hit me with music.

I’m a natural people-watcher. I can sit anywhere and just observe. I am also a natural nerd, so most of my people watching is done in Marist’s James A. Cannavino library. As the weather has warmed here in Poughkeepsie I’ve taken my stalking people-watching to the great outdoors.

The drastic change in locales flipped my mood immediately, ergo I have decided to divide the soundtrack to my voyeurism into two simple themes : Rain & Shine.


Astral Weeks – Van Morrison


The Cave – Mumford and Sons

Come Away With Me – Norah Jones

She Loves You– The Gaslight Anthem

Happiness– The Fray

Outloud – Dispatch


Lime Tree Trevor Hall

Hello – Martin Solveig

Have Love Will Travel – The Black Keys

You Make My Dreams Come True– Hall & Oates

Like A Star– Corrine Bailey Rae

Steal My Sunshine – Len

ENJOY – and comment with your own playlists!

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Blackboard Scribe II

Thanks to Brenna (@brengirl16) I had more scribe-spiration. She commented with a favorite quote of hers on the original Blackboard Scribe post I put up a week ago.

The waffle maker keeps her promises.

Here is Brenna’s quote scribbled on a vacant blackboard I stumbled upon this morning…

“Today is life,

tomorrow never comes”

Thank you Brenna for reading, contributing, and loving my waffles.

Hopefully you have helped inspire the students on the 3rd floor of Lowell Thomas as well as other readers to share and contribute to this SoulPancake experiment.


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Blackboard Scribe

Die-hard SoulPancake fans will know that the task I am referring to in this post is actually Sidewalk Scribe (pg.5). Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, I could not find a clean or dry sidewalk to chalk up.

Weather, shm-eather.

Step 1: Sum up your personal philosophy on life.

Step 2: Acquire chalk.

Step 3: Find pavement a blackboard.

Step 4: Bust out your pseudo-inner-vandal and scrawl your message for the world next class to see.

After my evening class I wandered into an empty classroom with a large empty board and a big piece of chalk (don’t you just hate the little pieces?).

I had spent the previous class period looking up inspirational quotes appropriate for the classroom. This one by Johann Gottfried Von Herder, a German philosopher (and heartthrob), caught my eye.

“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.

I’m feeling that Johann.

I am hoping that the sleepy students who walked into that room at 8:00 am saw my work and felt motivated and empowered. Or the teacher promptly erased the message, replacing it with POP QUIZ, which I am sure would have the adverse effect. I guess I’ll never know…

Now, it’s your turn, find a sidewalk or blackboard and scribble away!

No chalk?

Comment with a quote that describes YOUR personal philosophy, and I’ll scribe it somewhere on campus. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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What is Your Weird?

rit·u·al [rich-oo-uhl] –noun

1. any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner, religious or otherwise
2. a prescribed codes of behavior regulating social conduct, as exemplified by the raising of one’s hat or the shaking of hands in greeting.
3. Psychiatry. a specific act, as hand-washing, performed repetitively to a pathological degree, occurring as a common symptom of obsessive-compulsive neurosis.
(courtesy of:

SoulPancake asks us…

List 3 of your rituals that set you apart from the rest.

When I saw this question I thought back to an old Sex and The City episode, where Carrie realizes she has certain rituals she feels uncomfortable performing in front of her boyfriend who had recently moved in. She dubs these, “secret single behaviors,” and investigates. Listen to what she finds…

Moral: It’s weird, but it feels great!

After some thought these are some of my ritual behaviors:

1. Whenever  I go into a bathroom  I always lock the door.

1b. If that bathroom has a shower, I always look behind the curtain.

2. I only eat food at their proper temperatures: Cold pizza? Warm milk? I’ll pass.

3. I paint my nails constantly, and as soon as there is a chip I have to chip off all the polish on that nail, and then all the polish on that hand.

See? 3 down, 7 to go.

I showed you my “weird,” now show me yours…

What are your rituals?

Yours in waffles,


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