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Whiteboard (?) Scribe

Today is a ‘retreat day’ at school, which although I have no idea it’s purpose, I am grateful for my canceled classes.

I found this to be a perfect opportunity to be a blackboard scribe yet again, but alas, there are only whiteboards in the library (where I am camping out for the day). I can work with that.

On my original Blackboard Scribe post, a friend of mine (@lynniepants) suggested the following quote…

PEACE. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart” – unknown

Thanks Lynn for the scribe-spiration and breaking into an empty classroom with me.



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This Little Piggy…

What would you literally chop off your pinky toe for? I found myself stumped by this question. As days passed it would jump in and out of consciousness,  I would encounter things I desired with a new perspective, asking myself daily,“would I lose a toe for that?”

Would You Be Fine With Nine?

(Courtesy of SoulPancake pg.98)

I admit my initial thoughts were pretty shallow. I confessed to my housemates that I’d cut off my pinky toe to have Giselle Bundchen‘s life. You know, be an international supermodel, the wife of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady, a new mother, and having a enough money to do what I want when I want, basically a flawless life by my standards.

This pipedream was foiled when one of my roommates informed me that you need BOTH outer toes to walk properly and balance yourself, so even if I was Giselle 2.0, I’d be useless on a runway with only nine toes, losing my fame, fortune, and football stud.

Moving on…

1. Balenciaga Suede City Bag in Military Green

I love fashion blogs, the general idea of adoring beautiful things (although I’ll never be able to afford them) and others expression of personal style entertains me. I came across this beautiful Balenciaga bag in my favorite color posted on The Blonde Salad. I love everything about this bag; I love that I could fit everything I own in it, I love that it matches my eyes, I love that becuase it is suede I can’t wear it in the rain, while drinking, or near a pool, and I love that it costs 774 Dunkin Donuts medium iced coffees.

Speaking of iced coffee…

2. Unlimited Dunkin’ Donuts

Some would say I have a coffee problem. The word addiction may be too harsh, I like to think of it as a strong, life-altering appreciation. For more details see Trivial Pursuits.

3. A Real Proposal from Ryan Reynolds

Once my Giselle dream was shattered I had to reevaluate my fantasy future husband. I would give my pinky toe for a real proposal from Ryan Reynolds. Have you seen The Proposal? I’d go 9 toe for that (on one knee, with a BIG Tiffany’s princess-cut diamond ring). He is handsome, hilarious, sweet, successful, and just a hollywood dream boat. Hubba hubba.

Sooooo after working on this post for about a month I could only come up with 3 things! At first I thought I failed, but I think this just shows that I’m pretty content, and I’m cool with that.

Try to come up with 5 things that you’d sacrifice a toe for!

PLEASE comment below, I’m looking forward to reading them =)


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Live A Little #33: Buy and Play a Harmonica

When you see someone at a house party with a harmonica, one would usually think, “who invited this guy?”

On the contrary, I  made a bee line to Mr.Harmonica, snatched it, yelled “KarmaWaffles!” (in my head), and ran off in search of a quiet room.

Who looks crazy now? Yours truly.

Ta-Dah! Just call me Mrs. Harmonica.

So I did not purchase said harmonica, but will always have this video to remind me of my musical talent.

Special thanks to Sara for taking a time out from partying to take this video (and not looking at me like a crazy person when I asked her to).


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Whose Death Has Affected Your Life / Eye-Opening Experience Asks:

Whose Death Has Affected Your Life?

At about 3AM last Wednesday morning the nurse told me to “go home”.

A few hours earlier a friend and I had carried someone I loved into the emergency room.

Dead-weight, eyes rolled back, limp. We yelled his name and slapped his face and he didn’t respond. The white faces in the room all read the same thing, “I’ve never seen him this bad”.

The nurse calls for a stretcher and we are ushered through the doors. Something about hearing the nurse yell his name, into his face, receiving no response, chilled me. This wasn’t another-drunk-kid, this wasn’t a funny-hospital-bracelet-story, this was wake-up-I-need-you-to-open-your-eyes-now.

We were told to wait outside and within minutes there were wires, tubes and oxygen masks. To have a BAC of .48 is a level which one impairs their breathing and heart rate, where unconsciousness and death is common.

He’s very bad, they tell us.

How could he get to this, they ask us.

He is lucky you bought him in, they tell us.

When it comes to hospitals, I’m a pessimist, and I hate them. I have been fortunate enough to have never been admitted into a hospital or visit an emergency room. So my last memories in hospitals involve spending Thanksgiving in a recovery unit, and later saying last goodbyes to my grandfather.

I am not looking to have any more goodbyes. I didn’t even cry, I couldn’t even cry. If I cried it was real, and he’d be gone. If I didn’t cry, this would pass.

The machines blip, my hands shake. My friend reassures me and makes jokes to ease tension, he noticed the effect my surroundings had on me immediately.

All we could do was wait. At the request of the nurses, we grudgingly went home and slept a few hours. I woke up and called the hospital to check for a room change so I could visit, maybe bring him lunch.

“Oh, he’s been moved to ICU, please hold.”

I held.

“Hello, this is his doctor. You can visit, but he hasn’t woken up, or spoke, and he probably won’t be able to hear you, he got worse last night.”

I held.

“His BAC levels weren’t dropping, he almost lost his ability to breathe, minutes away from life support. ”

I am unsure many could fathom the effect of such small words like, ICU, won’t, worse and life support can have on someone’s heart and sanity.

If I was asked on Tuesday whose death has affected your life, I would have no answer. Today I know that if this person hadn’t made it, my life wouldn’t be the same.

SoulPancake Asks:

What is One Eye-Opening Experience Everyone Should Have?

College can be an amazing time. I can’t count the nights I’ve spent with people I love, finding so much fun in such little pleasures. One would be naïve to think that alcohol is not a huge part of the college experience: we drink, we get drunk, we talk about drinking and being drunk. Our weekdays revolve around getting work done so that our social lives remain unhindered come happy hour.

If you read this, please don’t ever let the name of anyone you love be yelled behind a hospital curtain.You do not want to be waiting on the other side helplessly wishing, hoping, and praying for a whine, a gargle, a moan, a curse,  anything.

Take care of yourself.

Take care of your friends.

Not to be the biggest downer ever, but PLEASE be smart party people.


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Blackboard Scribe II

Thanks to Brenna (@brengirl16) I had more scribe-spiration. She commented with a favorite quote of hers on the original Blackboard Scribe post I put up a week ago.

The waffle maker keeps her promises.

Here is Brenna’s quote scribbled on a vacant blackboard I stumbled upon this morning…

“Today is life,

tomorrow never comes”

Thank you Brenna for reading, contributing, and loving my waffles.

Hopefully you have helped inspire the students on the 3rd floor of Lowell Thomas as well as other readers to share and contribute to this SoulPancake experiment.


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Blackboard Scribe

Die-hard SoulPancake fans will know that the task I am referring to in this post is actually Sidewalk Scribe (pg.5). Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, I could not find a clean or dry sidewalk to chalk up.

Weather, shm-eather.

Step 1: Sum up your personal philosophy on life.

Step 2: Acquire chalk.

Step 3: Find pavement a blackboard.

Step 4: Bust out your pseudo-inner-vandal and scrawl your message for the world next class to see.

After my evening class I wandered into an empty classroom with a large empty board and a big piece of chalk (don’t you just hate the little pieces?).

I had spent the previous class period looking up inspirational quotes appropriate for the classroom. This one by Johann Gottfried Von Herder, a German philosopher (and heartthrob), caught my eye.

“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.

I’m feeling that Johann.

I am hoping that the sleepy students who walked into that room at 8:00 am saw my work and felt motivated and empowered. Or the teacher promptly erased the message, replacing it with POP QUIZ, which I am sure would have the adverse effect. I guess I’ll never know…

Now, it’s your turn, find a sidewalk or blackboard and scribble away!

No chalk?

Comment with a quote that describes YOUR personal philosophy, and I’ll scribe it somewhere on campus. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Live A Little #45: Draw Something In The Steam On The Mirror After Your Next Shower

First, I attempted to complete task #20: Shower in the dark.

Unfortunately, even with the lights off, their were bright streaks of sunshines coming in through the bathroom window blinds and my shower was quite lovely. Bad planning on my part…

Stay tuned for Shampooing After Dark (I know you are on the edge of your seat).

So to not have my entire shower experience be a SoulPancake bust, I resorted to task #45: Draw something in the steam on the mirror after your next shower.

Sometimes I humor myself by writing things on the bathroom mirror to either scold my roommates (“has anyone seen the werewolf leaving hair in our sink?”) or cheer them up on those horrible hangover mornings (“HELLO! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS TODAY”). This time I tried to shout out to the SP team with a drawing of a stack of pancakes. Fail #2.

This was the best picture I could get of it. Looking on the bright side, my shower was a success in leaving my luscious locks clean, silky, and  smelling of a spring breeze. I guess it’s the little things that count.

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