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Live A Little #10: Stay Up All Night

So, I’m on the plane to my tropical spring break locale of choice, looking through my Live A Little list, and I thought (with pride),  “been there, done that“.

This time last year I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy. This amazing experience had me planning a  spring break itinerary including Barcelona and Amsterdam . No big deal.

And, although I am still enjoying my post-Punta glow I have to admit:
Barcelona > Punta Cana.

(Maybe I’m just partial to sangria, tapas, and beach-side nightclubs but) Ask any student who has visited or studied in Barcelona and they will tell you, it is not real life. It’s vibrant and bright during the day and wild and unpredictable at night.

Although I spent my days in the DR lounging in the sand, or splashing at a student city pool party, there is something about staying in a 6-bunk hostel room with 5 friends and 6 strangers (and no electrical outlets) in Placa Riel that just stole my heart.

Placa Riel

Parc Güell

Placa Riel at night

Chiputos (an ‘early’ evening activity)

Kabul was located just off Las Ramblas (the perfect location) and the staff was young and helpful. Parc Güell was fascinating in the afternoon, and Chiputos was entertaining after dark. With club names like Razzmatazz and Opium how could one not have the week of a lifetime?

So what we did was nap after dinner until about 11PM, get our dancing shoes on by midnight, and the adventure begins technically in the morning. Coming home sometime after 5am, and spending the evening(morning?) on a balcony at Kabul, overlooking the Placa Riel fountain, and watching the sun come up was one of the most memorable evenings of my time abroad.

The best part? By the time I was ready to climb into my bunk, breakfast was being served, and you KNOW I was into that.


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