About Karma Waffle

While waiting on an incredibly long line in Borders, I stumbled across Rainn Wilson’s New York Times Best-Selling novel, SoulPancake, and was instantly intrigued (mostly because I originally thought it was a cookbook… don’t judge ). However, I was not disappointed to find the chewing endorsed in SoulPancake was not on big portions, but rather “life’s big questions”.

SoulPancake discusses philosophy, creativity, and spirituality through the reader’s participation in challenges, lists, and explorations. I will document my dabblings regularly, and I hope you will join me in uninhibitedly flipping your own flapjack, ya feel me?

So please, dig in to a short stack of personal discovery with me.

The best part? ZERO calories.

5 responses to “About Karma Waffle

  1. Dana Cosenza

    THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Im reading every word and you are just so cute and smart and creative and I am so jealous!!! This is so fun and I cant wait to keep reading it!!! Your pictures of you are adorable … and those waffles look scrumptious!!! great work my love! this is something to be proud of!

  2. danielle

    i’m glad i have a new forum to stalk you in abro ;) its nice to feel in touch while abroad, ya digggg xx

  3. Alyssa,

    It was fantastic meeting you last night. Keep up the amazing work, and give Gram a big hug from me (seriously).

    Let me know how I can ever help you with anything.

    Warm Regards,

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