Blackboard Scribe III

I guess you can tell that I’m getting really into this particular SoulPancake task…

In this installment I take scribe-spiration from fellow PR diva and KarmaWaffle fan, Jenn Hill (@jenniferdhill).

On my previous post Jenn commented with a few of her favorite inspirational quotes. I choose one by John F. Kennedy (mostly because, as expressed in my Soul Scribble, I love a man with a clean hair cut, and I religiously follow Jackie O’s theory that when it comes to eye-wear, bigger is better).

“One person can make a difference,
and everyone should try”

Thank you Jenn for your help, I appreciate your enthusiasm in my blog and your affinity for sexy presidents.

And I know what most of you are probably thinking…I look pretty B.A. in my leather jacket, and for that I say thanks, I think so too.

All other silent waffle-enthusiasts, please send me your inspirational quotes/life mottos! The interest thus far has been really great, and you know I’ll follow through!


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3 responses to “Blackboard Scribe III

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  2. One law for the rich, and another for the poor.

  3. “culture eats strategy for lunch every day of the week”

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