Live A Little #21: Bring Your Neighbor A Cup Of Coffee

The life of a college student rarely involves early morning walks (unless they are that of shame), but on one brisk April morning I took a hot cup-o-joe to my neighbor Julia.

I have recorded my journey for your viewing pleasure…

1) I do not walk that quickly, I had to speed up the footage to keep you on your edge of your seat.

2) My nail color is Lapis of Luxury by Essie.

3) Julia hates coffee.



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3 responses to “Live A Little #21: Bring Your Neighbor A Cup Of Coffee

  1. WHO: ME
    WHAT: Grande Iced Skinny Carmel Macchiato
    with a Marshmallow Dream bar on the side
    (or a bacon egg and cheese with hot peppers from jelly belly, your choice)
    WHERE: 20 WC, attic room, left door
    (you know you are at the correct door when you see Justin Bieber’s face)
    WHEN: Tomorrow morning around 10Am please.
    WHY: Because I said so. Pretty please with whipped cream on top =)

    ps-i wish you walked that fast in real life

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  3. Liz Swenton

    I’m Essie-obsessed. My nails are currently a hot pink shade called Bachelorette Bash. Their new French line is great.

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