This Little Piggy…

What would you literally chop off your pinky toe for? I found myself stumped by this question. As days passed it would jump in and out of consciousness,  I would encounter things I desired with a new perspective, asking myself daily,“would I lose a toe for that?”

Would You Be Fine With Nine?

(Courtesy of SoulPancake pg.98)

I admit my initial thoughts were pretty shallow. I confessed to my housemates that I’d cut off my pinky toe to have Giselle Bundchen‘s life. You know, be an international supermodel, the wife of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady, a new mother, and having a enough money to do what I want when I want, basically a flawless life by my standards.

This pipedream was foiled when one of my roommates informed me that you need BOTH outer toes to walk properly and balance yourself, so even if I was Giselle 2.0, I’d be useless on a runway with only nine toes, losing my fame, fortune, and football stud.

Moving on…

1. Balenciaga Suede City Bag in Military Green

I love fashion blogs, the general idea of adoring beautiful things (although I’ll never be able to afford them) and others expression of personal style entertains me. I came across this beautiful Balenciaga bag in my favorite color posted on The Blonde Salad. I love everything about this bag; I love that I could fit everything I own in it, I love that it matches my eyes, I love that becuase it is suede I can’t wear it in the rain, while drinking, or near a pool, and I love that it costs 774 Dunkin Donuts medium iced coffees.

Speaking of iced coffee…

2. Unlimited Dunkin’ Donuts

Some would say I have a coffee problem. The word addiction may be too harsh, I like to think of it as a strong, life-altering appreciation. For more details see Trivial Pursuits.

3. A Real Proposal from Ryan Reynolds

Once my Giselle dream was shattered I had to reevaluate my fantasy future husband. I would give my pinky toe for a real proposal from Ryan Reynolds. Have you seen The Proposal? I’d go 9 toe for that (on one knee, with a BIG Tiffany’s princess-cut diamond ring). He is handsome, hilarious, sweet, successful, and just a hollywood dream boat. Hubba hubba.

Sooooo after working on this post for about a month I could only come up with 3 things! At first I thought I failed, but I think this just shows that I’m pretty content, and I’m cool with that.

Try to come up with 5 things that you’d sacrifice a toe for!

PLEASE comment below, I’m looking forward to reading them =)


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5 responses to “This Little Piggy…

  1. K

    100% agree with number 3!! <3

  2. Brooke

    I would give up one of my little piggies’ “trip to market” for…
    1. A full Academy Award Red Carpet Experience (preferably with Matt Damon as my date)–I’m talking straight from the runway-couture gown, hair/makeup, interviews, the whole sha-bang.
    2. A New York City townhouse overlooking Central Park.
    3. Yearly “student” summer vacations; June-August would be great…(soooo not ready for the real world yet.)
    4. And if I HAD to pick another, I guess I would give up a toe for Marisa Miller’s bod…(even if it did only have 9 toes)

    • Dana Cosenza

      I would give up my poor little pinky toe for….

      1) to go to a world cup game and the summer olympics in another country
      2) beach house of my own where I, like Brooke, would have every summer off for the rest of my life ! :)
      3) Cameron Diaz’s beach bod regardless of how many karma waffles I ate
      4) a date with a SINGLE (and very interested in me) ashton kutcher
      5) Villanova to have won the 2011 basketball championship my senior year.. woops, too late now!

      im not too crazy over my pinkie toes anyway.

  3. Anonymous

    given my fondness for flip flops and long walks i don’t think i’d be too quick to chop of my pinky toe as it would a. seriously diminish the attractiveness of my feet and b. make walks uncomfortable and possibly impossible… but since you ask
    1. be able to remain unemployed, yet still have the funding to travel the world without limitations… or even better, have a job that flies me to all the fabulous places i want to see
    2. a mulberry alexa bag in every color…
    3. must agree with those above, summers off would be a major plus in life…
    … i just can’t think of anything else. sorry i let you down abro

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