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Blackboard Scribe III

I guess you can tell that I’m getting really into this particular SoulPancake task…

In this installment I take scribe-spiration from fellow PR diva and KarmaWaffle fan, Jenn Hill (@jenniferdhill).

On my previous post Jenn commented with a few of her favorite inspirational quotes. I choose one by John F. Kennedy (mostly because, as expressed in my Soul Scribble, I love a man with a clean hair cut, and I religiously follow Jackie O’s theory that when it comes to eye-wear, bigger is better).

“One person can make a difference,
and everyone should try”

Thank you Jenn for your help, I appreciate your enthusiasm in my blog and your affinity for sexy presidents.

And I know what most of you are probably thinking…I look pretty B.A. in my leather jacket, and for that I say thanks, I think so too.

All other silent waffle-enthusiasts, please send me your inspirational quotes/life mottos! The interest thus far has been really great, and you know I’ll follow through!


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Live A Little #21: Bring Your Neighbor A Cup Of Coffee

The life of a college student rarely involves early morning walks (unless they are that of shame), but on one brisk April morning I took a hot cup-o-joe to my neighbor Julia.

I have recorded my journey for your viewing pleasure…

1) I do not walk that quickly, I had to speed up the footage to keep you on your edge of your seat.

2) My nail color is Lapis of Luxury by Essie.

3) Julia hates coffee.


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There’s ALWAYS Time To Build A Fort…

I must first apologize to those whom only clicked on this post  in hopes of seeing photos of some super cool fort I made. Sorry guys, I’ve been sick the past week or so and have only erected unimpressive, sad, sneezy sheet-forts in my bed (Delirious on Dayquil, party of one?).

I thought it was about time I got some waffle-enthusiasts in on the blogging fun.

Here I have featured some anonymous mini-guest-bloggers whom I have asked to answer the SoulPancake query on pg.180…

List Five Things You Can Learn From a Five Year Old:

(Click picture to see larger)

My favorites in the bunch?

“Speak your mind”

“mac and cheese is delicious”

“A good fake cry can sometimes be quite useful”

“If you love someone, TELL THEM”

“How to get rid of cooties

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”

“The value of naptime

“If you want to sing out, sing out

What can YOU learn from a 5 year old?

Comment with your answers!


This exercise made me think of an article
I read head a few months back about what
children think about LOVE. Check it out,
its a guaranteed smile.


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Whiteboard Scribe II

The more I am in the library, the more empty boards I find to vandalize scribe on.

Today’s inspiration came from a tweet from fellow Marist student Luke Shane (@LShane262).

“If you can’t excel with talent,

triumph with effort”

Thanks Luke!

To see other random acts of scribe-spiration see here, here, & here.

Thanks for the inspiration, scribe on everybody.

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