Trivial Pursuits

SoulPancake Asks:

List 3 meaningless, trivial things that distract you from your master plan.

1. Fashion Blogs

The ManRepeller, The Blonde Salad, Cashmere and Cupcakes, I CAN’T GET ENOUGH.

On my tight student budget which barely fills my gas tank, never will I ever be able to afford the beautiful pieces these bloggers showcase. Balenciaga bags, layering leather, sheer blouses : It’s like the best window shopping ever. Will I ever actually purchase a bubblegum blazer to go with my leather shortsback bone heels and giant Karen Walker shades? Of course not. But a girl can dream (and procrastinate for hours).

Fellow blogger and friend Bailey created Chasing Anna to fulfill her fashion obsession, check it out =)

2. Caffeine Fixes

When I wake up, all I want is coffee.When I need it very little will get in my way until I have it. In the dead of winter at 6:30am before the sun is even up I will crawl out of my comforter cocoon just to venture downstairs on to the freezing tile tundra of the kitchen to get my fix.

Dramatic? Fine.

It is just dawning on me now that previous boyfriends have come bearing large Starbucks lattes as apologies…

3. Nail Polish

I have a problem with painting and chipping my nails. I can’t stop doing either.

This week alone I have had three different color changes (Obviously I do it myself, if I got manicures that often I’d have no money for my coffee, or to save up for the clothes I’ll lust after but never buy, duh). My picks for spring? Essie’s Haute as Hello, or A French Affair, maybe even Chanel Mimosa, if you’re feeling saucy.

My keyboard and blackberry are both splattered with polish because I’m impatient.  It really is time consuming if you think about it, but I convince myself that as I type they dry faster. Sooooo… if I paint, I must type, and if I must type, I will blog, and if I will blog, then karmawaffles will be made, everyone wins!


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8 responses to “Trivial Pursuits

  1. Have you checked out Glamour Magazine’s Young and Posh Blogger Network? ( It has lots of fabulous fashion blogs including cupcakes and cashmere; it will be sure to add to your distractions. :)

  2. Dear Waffle Maker,
    If you are a nail polish junkie then you MUST, I repeat MUSTT try Opi’s Black Shatter topcoat. It is part of the new Katy Perry line and is
    f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. It is the most distracting thing I have ever worn on my body and I love every second of the procrastination that follows by staring at my nails (and having other people stare at them-because trust me, it will happen and they will love it, want it and praise you for opening their eyes to a whole new world of nail fashion) OPI’s website has a “try it on” feature where you can sample what the different colors will look like underneath the shatter which is a whole other form of INTENSE procrastination that you probably should stay away from!
    Can you say, rainbow nails with black shatter on top?!
    Trust me, try it, you will fall in <3

  3. Can I just say that its my glittery disco ball nails that are successfully getting me though business capping. Sometimes its just the little things (and a whole lot of glitter)…

  4. Ali

    Hey, I found your site because you posted it on Cara’s wall haha, and I just wanted to say I absolutely ADORE it. It’s really inspirational, and I plan on taking on some of the challenges you put on here :) So thanks for being so honest and inspiring!

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  6. Sarah

    I already tweeted you about my shared obsession with nail polish (and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and your jean jacket), but I feel the need to comment again. Since I am now in the working world and making a steady paycheck, I treat myself to manicures. But like you, I’m OCD about them chipping and freak out when it happens. When I was at Marist I used to paint them ALL the time myself…my collection is unreal. My friends and I would go home for break and come back with the newest funky colors we discovered. Then we would sit in our living room and have a nail painting party. I love that you describe it as time-consuming…THIS IS SO TRUE. I literally have to set aside more than an hour of free time when I paint my nails. Not to give TMI, but I wear sweats to make pulling my pants down easier (this is necessary when you are pounding iced coffees…hello bladder control). I don’t text, I don’t cook, I don’t do anything except sit there and hope they dry fast. Also, something my friends and I discovered: if you shower a little more than an hour after painting or even run your hands under cold water (when you are pretty sure they’re dry), it helps them from smudging. It is such a process but I love it.

    I also love this blog so keep up the good work and DO NOT WORRY about finding a job, girl. You are 100% going to and your employer will be lucky they have you and I mean this sincerely. You have big things headed your way chica. Good luck and keep sharing nail polish and Dunkin stories on here :)

  7. Marissa D.

    Danielle is absolutely right… the Shatter nail polish is AMAZING… I’m wearing it right now!

    I went to the nail salon over Easter break and they suggested it to me…. I also added glitter on top of the shatter, it’s the best! I’ll show you in class tomorrow morning ;)

    I love reading the names of nail polishes… it’s a great pastime when you have to wait for your turn in the nail salon hot seat!… The polish I was wearing last week during the TweetUp was called “My Big Break”… appropriate right?

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