Live A Little#13: Feed Yourself For A Week With Only $7

So, this doesn’t really count.

During spring break I stayed at an all-inclusive resort where the food they provided was included in the price, hence, my only option. The refined pallets of my friends and myself have collaborated on a list of a few choice adjectives which could describe the food…





and my favorite, “poopy“.

I would give the resort $7 BACK each DAY if they stopped serving that food. The only safe options seemed to be bread, butter, and fries.

Sidenote: I spent over $7 on the meal I bought at Sbarro the minute I got into the airport. Five days of that resort food and luke-warm Sbarro was a gourmet masterpiece.

As a self-proclaimed Food Network junkie I think that I enjoy food too much to deprive myself for $7 a week. SoulPancake, I’m sorry to have disappointed you.

Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.

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This blog is my senior capping project, but unfortunately I can make a trillion karmawaffles, and it wouldn’t help the rising hunger problem.To see how a Marist College peer of mine, Jenna Finn (@MissJRF), is helping Feed America, follow her on Twitter or e-mail her at to contribute to her “The Last Shot” charity photo shoot on campus.



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