Live A Little #7: Walk Around Barefoot All Day

I survived spring break, just alive enough to report back to you.

Walking around all day without shoes was not as difficult as I had expected. I am all about the sand between your toes, but I wasn’t sure I could sidestep all spilled cocktails and bird doo, not to mention scorching hot pavement.

Alas, I found that after a few piña coladas at breakfast it’s easy to forget the location of your footwear. One pair of flip flops and two very burnt soles later I have the following photos to prove to you that my little piggies ran free in Punta Cana.

(Toes by Essie “Haute as Hello“)

No beach? No problem.

Try this around your house, at least for a few hours. Now that the weather is warming, venture outside and go shoe-less to get the mail, pick up the paper, or take out the garbage.

Just remember the wise words of cultural icon Dane Cook,

f*@k shoes.”



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4 responses to “Live A Little #7: Walk Around Barefoot All Day

  1. Catching up on #karmawaffle … did an entire summer of shoelessness (flip flop kept getting stolen.. i was lifeguarding, it worked) and loved it! know it sounds weird but just rained on grass is made to squish your toes into….never mind the fact that bare feet + sand= perpetual pedicured soles.

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