Waffle Maker Gone Wild…



Yeah, yeah, yeah.

True, I intend to imbibe a cocktail (or 5) while on spring break, but the SoulPancake-ing never sleeps!

I have been working on my Live a Little lists (Part I & II) and have found a few that I think I can complete while on spring break. These mind-blowing, heart-pounding, explosively exciting, edge-of-your-seat tasks are listed below…

#7. Walk around barefoot all day

#10. Stay up all night

#13. Feed yourself for a week with only $7 (I’m staying at an all-inclusive resort so I assume that is cheating…)

#22. Climb a tree

#27. Skip, don’t walk

#29. Don’t wear underwear (also cheating, bathing suits are definitely not undergarments)

#34. Pretend to know a stranger

#52. Hold your breath for as long as you can

(If I make it back alive) I will report my experiences to you upon my return. Happy spring break everybody, and don’t forget your breakfast! B-)



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7 responses to “Waffle Maker Gone Wild…

  1. danielle

    Hope you have an amazing time!!! So sad I won’t be there with you girls… Good luck with your quest towards living a little more =) x

  2. OMG! I had the most delicious Belgian sugar waffle at Windham Mountain ski resort yesterday. Check out . The picture alone makes my mouth water for another one.

  3. #7. Did it.
    #10. Don’t think I’m capable.
    #13. Most definitely doesn’t count.
    #22. Apple orchards, you go to Marist and better have gone apple picking.
    #27. I sprained my ankle this way.
    #29. Cheating or health concerns.
    #34. I do this daily.
    #52. Again, borderline health concerned.

    I enjoy this blog, excellent!

    • Thanks for the comments Jenny! Spoiler alert: did not get to climb any palm trees, hoping to get to the orchard soon! I’m also home and healthy, but I greatly appreciate your concern =)

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