Live A Little Part II

“Have you really lived if you haven’t faced a full spectrum of experience?”

On the final page of SoulPancake there is a list of 52 ways to live a little more.

Here are the second half… (see the first half here)

28. Grab some friends and start a pillow fight in a public place

29. Don’t wear underwear

30. Trade lunches with somebody

31. Perfect your signiture

32. Scream at the top of your lungs in the middle of a public place

33. Buy and play a harmonica

34. Pretend to know a stranger

35. Go to a thirft store and buy an entire outfit. Wear it the rest of the day.

36. Watch one of your parents’ favorite movies

37. Get a knife. get a stick. whittle something.

38. Make a meal out of whatever you have in your fridge

39. Write your will

40. Leave flowers at a random doorstep

41. Pick up every piece of trash you see today

42. Next time you get into an argument, let the other person win.

43. Create art with a kid. Embrace the mess.

44. Memorize a Poem

45. Draw something in the steam on the mirror after your next shower.

46. Have a conversation with a homeless person

47. Buy an album based solely on its cover art

48. Don’t use the words “yes or “no” for a day

49. Shoot a rifle at a firing range

50. Cut your own hair

51. Bribe someone

52. Hold your breath for as long as you can



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