Urge To Purge II : Mini Purge

My good friend Steph was recently inspired to start a blog of her own, titled: the little things. Often SoulPancake also focuses on the small joys in life.

But as I focused on my next possession purge, I had big plans, little things be damned! Midterms week was over and I was ready to take on big things, riding the wave of serious productivity.

Alas, my room looked like a Rachel Zoe fitting had gone awry (heterosexual male translation: clothes everywhere). So I planned on cleaning, organizing and purging my entire closet before I went home for spring break. A true spring cleaning, if I may, with a fresh start upon my return.

Well, those who know me best are probably rolling their eyes because this did not happen, which they could have predicted. Instead of wading through piles of clothes and self-loathing for not pulling through on my purge, I used this opportunity to do like Steph and look at the little things.

(So as any nerd would) I went to my inbox to find a little piece of mind. Unfortunately this is what I found…

So many linesSo squished together.


When did they get here? Who sent these? I didn’t sign up to get that, did I? Why are some bold face?WHERE DID THEY COME FROM.

This much info in such a small space stresses me out.

Sidenote: This is only half of a days worth of e-mails, I considered letting them go for another day for a more dramatic effect, but I couldn’t do it. Baby steps.

So, I went along, deleted what wasn’t necessary and even unsubscribed to a few.

I feel better already.

This was the nerdiest, tiniest purge I probably could have done, but it still counts and it felt fantastic. Any other workaholics tied to their blackberrys and obsessed with their inboxes?

Try it, you’ll like it.




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2 responses to “Urge To Purge II : Mini Purge

  1. Going through and purging your inbox is honestly the best advice. Everytime I open my Foxmail and see I have 160 new e-mails (most of them dating back 2 years that I just chose not to open) I have mini anxiety attacks.

  2. Brooke

    i wish i knew how to take a screen shot on my computer, but i would love to show you my inbox right now. 45 minutes and 155 emails later, my inbox is down to 8!!

    (better late than never!)

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