Soul Scribble

Ancient philosopher Democritus once said, “Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.”

I’m feeling that.

The SoulPancake Challenge:

Visualize your soul for a moment.
Now scribble, sketch, or rip up those old magazines you have lying around and create your take on what your soul “looks” like

When doing my Soul(pseudo)Scribble I went through a few old issues of Glamour, some J.Crew catalogs, and other publications I found lying around. I made sure I went into this without a particular target in mind, I just grabbed what was appealing to me, what caught my eye, or dare I say my soul? I ended up learning the following tidbits about myself…

1. I like food, a lot. I didn’t have one food magazine and I still found a way to gravitate towards it.

2. I may have already chosen my wedding dress (bottom right). Yeah, I don’t have a significant other, sue me.

3. I like boys in v-neck sweaters, clean hair cuts, and strong jaw lines. And if they clean up nice in a suit? Even better (Swoon. Double Swoon.).
Do you know any? Hook me up, I’d love to make #2 a reality…just sayin’.

4. I love sunglasses. Half of the pictures I had clipped of them didn’t make it on here. I blame Grams.

5. I also think everyone looks more intelligent in spectacles.

Exhibit A:


The Waffle Maker sans spectacles = nothing going on up there



The Waffle Maker in her blogger goggles = radiating brilliance





And there it is: Self-discovery a’la collaging.

Now it’s your turn to scribble, or scrap together, what YOUR soul looks like. Comment with your work or e-mail them to me at and I will post them for you. Enjoy!


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5 responses to “Soul Scribble

  1. danielle

    great post of waffle master!!! there’s plenty of clean cut, v-neck sweater wearing boys with glasses (and accents) in cambrdige, i’ll bring one home for you haha!

  2. absolutely love this idea! It has definitely motivated me to try this over break to see what my “soul” looks like. :)

  3. Bill

    I work in finance…pretty sure I don’t have a soul…

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