Live a Little #17: Spend a day with the oldest person you know.

I’d like to introduce you to Grams. She is my mother’s mother and lives with my family.

Grams loves Italian food, Oprah, and accessories (all traits which I have inherited). She is the oldest person I know.

My parents have always made sure that my siblings and I do not underestimate how lucky we are to have a living grandparent. I often leave school to spend the day with her, which ultimately means hanging on the couch, flipping through magazines or catalogs, getting grilled on why I don’t have a rich handsome husband yet, and watching Oprah save the world.

Grams often helps me to put my petty life problems in to perspective without realizing her impact. She also tests my patience, my compassion, and most often my willpower to abstain from ice cream every night.

My grandmother is 81 years old and handicapped, having lost the function of the right side of her body in a stroke over ten years ago. For her to be as cheerful and good-humored as she is in her condition is truly inspiring to me.

My grandmother has taught me valuable life lessons such as how to make killer rice pudding, that there is always room for dessert, and one should never leave the house without (giant) sunglasses.



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7 responses to “Live a Little #17: Spend a day with the oldest person you know.

  1. Scandia-man

    You really surprise me sometimes…in a very good way!

  2. danielle

    This was such a cute post! And your Grams is rocking some seriously nice sunglasses! x

  3. Cindy

    omg, I love it, and sooo true!!

  4. Brooke

    Alyssa that was beautiful. And so true. She has lived such a rich life, so full of ups and downs, and is still able to pass on so many happy memories to you, your family, and even your girlfriends.

    And another valuable lesson–sometimes it is wise to pass on accessories advertised on the HomeShoppingNetwork??

  5. Jeanette Zaccheo

    Alyssa, that was very touching. Yes, you are very lucky to have such a wonderful person in your life. Ted and I love coming to your parent’s house and visiting with Anne. Listen to what she has to say because there is always a lesson.

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