Poor little Justin Bieber, his birthday is completely overshadowed by the national celebration of flat delicious treats (then again I’m sure The Biebs had a short stack this morning, boys approaching puberty must not skip breakfast!).

So how did I celebrate National Pancake Day?

In true fat kid fashion I made myself a midnight snack of sand dollar pancakes with a sprinkle of cinnamon/sugar and doused them in syrup. Spring break diet be damned (PSYCH, KarmaWaffles have no calories)!

Naturally, I spent the day Google-ing the nearest IHOP locations to snatch up my free short-stack, and perusing diet-killing pancake recipes. So if you too are on a spring break diet I do not suggest scrolling down further to the food photos I am providing below.



Seriously stop scrolling, these look amazing.



First, some delectable strawberry and chocolate chip pancakes  from the always mouth-watering I Am Baker blog.

I am a huge chocolate chip pancake fan, so these pancake muffins (via Baked Bree) look adorable, and technically they are portable pancakes? Even better.

Now comes the sweet and sticky hybrid; two of my favorite breakfast treats, pancakes and CINNAMON BUNS. Below are two takes on the cinnamon bun pancake, first by Baked Bree, and second by The Family Kitchen via Babble.



So now that I have made myself insatiably hungry I’m gonna try to hit up IHOP before it closes, because hey, it’s for the kids.

I’ll leave you with National Pancake Day’s anthem…

Peace, love, and pancakes people.




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4 responses to “HAPPY NATIONAL (soul)PANCAKE DAY!

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  3. The Stav

    Cinnamon bun pancakes sound like delectable diabetic heaven

  4. Brooke

    What a mouth watering post…I cannot believe I was out of the country for such a holiday…but to be honest I must have done my fair share of celebrating in punta cana…the pancakes there are DELICIOUS (and safe as I was sure to have one every day!)

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