Live a Little #12: Read a book cover to cover without stopping.

Surprise (or not), the book I read from cover to cover without stopping is SoulPancake.

When I first got it I went through every page in just one sitting, and two cups of coffee later I finished it. I really wish I had a more mind-blowing answer for you, my apologies.

I’m actually much more interested in what books you have read from cover to cover.

Comment with your answers!



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4 responses to “Live a Little #12: Read a book cover to cover without stopping.

  1. danielle

    I know this will probably come as a total shock to you, but a majority of the books I have read in my life have all been finished in one sitting. #nerdpoints?

  2. Olivia B.

    QB VII by Leon Uris is the first thing that comes to mind. Seni0r year of High School.. US History book report and I waited until the last minute (my college-student self would kick my high school self’s butt for that now).

    Happy ending though.. really great read :)

  3. Thank you so much for posting about SoulPancake! We really appreciate your support and are so glad you like the book. We’d love to send you a SoulPancake starter pack that has all sorts of ideas for how you can use SoulPancake offline. If you’re interested please send an email to

    Team SP

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