Blackout Poet II

Below is my second and third pieces of Blackout Poetry. These words were also taken from J.D. Salinger’s Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters.

The first is called, “Page 24” … (before reading, let the creativity of the titles wash over you….)


know something,


my gosh.

Cued the rest,

finding something.

Spunky justice,




absolute murder,

suspended, bolstered, empathy,


You can’t just barge through life hurting people’s feelings whenever you feel like it

The second is called, “Page 74″

Some time,

in gracious solitude,

wondering which I’d picked.

My first good idea,

drop into much more thought,

then drop.

God knows,

rampant, wildly jumped,

fate before jumping,

with you.

Slipped into little messages.

Again, not bad. The possibilities for blackout poetry seem endless! Maybe next time I’ll actually blackout and see what prose I can come up with (kidding, Whitman didn’t touch four loko, neither will I).


Confused? For the original Blackout Poetry Post click here.


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One response to “Blackout Poet II

  1. cara

    My own blackout poetry. I tried to find some sort of good in a book I actually disliked, and these are the results.

    find tempo, come together, catch even
    how when others should,
    did not
    when told anything,
    did not
    fate perhaps
    to anyone else
    mutual admiration mixed with mutual grievance
    wanted to play a larger role
    did not push
    belief expressed in subtle ways
    not yet grown up
    used sensitivity to manipulate
    to show interest nonetheless
    refered to as summer

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