Live A Little

“Have you really lived if you haven’t faced a full spectrum of experience?”

On the final page of SoulPancake there is a list of 52 ways to live a little more.

Listed are 52 tasks, one for each week of the year (guess I missed that New Year’s resolution opportunity, huh?). I will list half on this post, and half on a later post, and relay my experiences to you.

Please play along and comment, hopefully we can finish the entire list collectively.

I’m trying to make Andy Dufrense and Mr.Keating proud by getting busy living and Carpe Diem-ing (see what I did there? That’s a ‘call back’).

So here are the first half…

  1. Get Punched.
  2. Tell a friend a truth they don’t want to hear (this may help you achieve the first item on the list).
  3. Burn a book you hated.
  4. Eat something that challenges your gag reflexes.
  5. Jump on a bus without knowing the end destination.
  6. Grow something.
  7. Walk barefoot all day.
  8. Hit something hard enough to break it.
  9. Stand on the edge of a rooftop.
  10. Stay up all night.
  11. Don’t get out of bed for an entire day.
  12. Read a book cover to cover without stopping.
  13. Feed yourself for a week with only 7 dollars
  14. Cleanse your hands in soil.
  15. Take a nap on a park bench.
  16. Stand in the pouring rain. Get Drenched.
  17. Spend a day with the oldest person you know.
  18. Go to the concert to a band you’ve never heard of.
  19. Don’t use utensils to eat all day.
  20. Shower in the dark.
  21. Take your neighbor a cup of coffee.
  22. Climb a tree.
  23. Feed a stray dog or cat.
  24. Double tip your server.
  25. Read a book that makes your brain hurt.
  26. Give a stranger a sincere compliment.
  27. Skip, don’t walk.


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