How Do You “Carpe Diem”?

Some incredibly cruel employee of Marist College Career Services devised a plan to irritate all seniors year after year, without fail, by strategically placing graduation countdown clocks throughout campus.

Today those clocks have reached 100.

(I think the best senior class fundraiser would involve this countdown-loving individual, hot lava, and a dunk tank, but I digress…)

The past three years of school I had disregarded these timepieces, thinking myself lucky to be unconcerned with their sick game. Now it’s February 10th of my final semester, and my time here seems so brief.

The December before last I had really hit a wall in my life, a deep rut, for lack of a better term. My “carpe diem” moment? Studying abroad in Florence, Italy. The places I went, the people I met, the marvels I saw, and the new start I was allotted really helped me put living into perspective and taught me how to seize the day.

Carneval in Venice? Prague for the weekend? Dance on the beach in Barcelona? Hike Cinque Terre? Catch a sunset at Port de Nice? Three Five scoops of gelato?

C A R P E   D I E M .


With this finite number staring me in the face, taunting me with its ticking and toking,  I look to fictional characters for life guidance, a winning approach, I know.

Andy Dufrense:


If my words haven’t inspired you, hopefully those of the leading men in my two of all-time favorite films did.


How do you live? How do you carpe diem?




Yours in waffles,

My SoulPancake Inspiration:

My lava-dunk-tank Inspiration:



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