well this is awkward…

I don’t just want to jump in to the SoulPancake pool head first, but I promise the journey to personal enlightenment is on the way!  So let’s go slow, get to know each other first…What’s your sign?

Stay tuned for the first posts and please join in.

Check back soon (and don’t forget to eat breakfast) !

Yours in waffles,



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4 responses to “well this is awkward…

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  2. Brooke

    Gemini =)

    Can’t wait for more….I’m STARVING!

  3. Marissa Sutherland

    you are so clever! cant wait for the first post to butter me up! get it?! because its waffles!!!!!

  4. Jeanette Zaccheo

    Virgo! Well I’ve been a Virgo for the last 62 year but now with that new sign lurking around the corner. Who knows!

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